WEMAX A300 4K ALPD Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector 4000:1 Contrast

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Fengmi Wemax L1668FCF 4K laser projector is the perfect alternative to large LCD TV, the must-have for a home theater. Projects up to 150 inches in 9000 lumens with 4000:1 contrast ratio. Because of the 14 - 50cm ultra-short throw distance, you can put this HD projector on an ordinary TV cabinet and enjoy a 80 - 150 inch large screen. The 3840 x 2160 ultra-high resolution gives you a 4 times clarity of 1080P. Because of the simple MIUI, you can enjoy massive movies and TV shows. Fengmi A300 home HD laser projector makes an advanced home cinema possible, enjoy the big screen without worrying about harm to the eyes!

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